We’re so happy to announce that Jetbrains (the company behind some awesome products for developers, namely PhpStorm) is our Coffee Break sponsor for the event. PhpStorm is, for those of you who may not know it yet, the best cross-platform IDE for PHP 🙂


Now, they won’t provide coffee or snacks (we have that covered by the hotel), but what they have prepared is something you will enjoy a bit longer.

We love using PhpStorm and are not afraid to show it, so we’re thrilled to have prepared a raffle for all the participants in which they will get a chance to win a 1-year personal subscription license for PhpStorm! And there’s 5 (five!) such awards to be handed out – one at each official coffee break in the agenda!

There’s even more to come from Jetbrains during the conference so stay tuned and don’t miss out on those coffee breaks!

Still don’t have your ticket ready? You can still sign up – do it right now!

See you soon in Opatija!