There’s only 6 more days left before #DevParadise hashtag will get all lit up.

Yes, we all know how conferences organized and attended by Magento community members can easily be tracked even if you’re not actually there.

The recipe:

  1. Open up Twitter
  2. Search by the official conference hashtag
  3. Get some popcorn ready
  4. Et voilà!

Twitter feed gives you a front-row seat to the venue, speakers, quotes, even reactions (no Facebook needed!) and you can also take part in the event even from a safe distance by (re)tweeting and giving a shout-out to some of your old friends. And Developers Paradise will be no different when it comes to folks outside Opatija trying to get a sense of it all.

But, for those attending, well – you’re in for a treat, and then some!

We’ve partnered with Wall of Tweets, an amazing flagship product by a fellow Croatian agency UX Passion to add some extra awesomeness to your tweets. Explaining what this product is is actually simple – it’s the best Twitter wall money can buy!


All of you tweeting at the venue will see why this holds true. You’ll experience something completely different, and to get a hint at the shape of things to come, find out more about Wall of Tweets here.

So, better brush up on your 140-character writing skills, get your devices all charged up and get ready to tweet away – cause that’s how you’re gonna make it to that wall!

See you soon in Opatija!