Developers Paradise Summer Edition 2013

The fourth Developers Paradise conference called for knowledge exchange at Palma de Mallorca from September 16th to 19th. More than 64 attendees from ten different countries did not miss this chance and went on the trip with NetBook, Tablet, Smartphone and suntan lotion.

Day 1: Kick-off meeting in paradise

The Developers Paradise started the evening with a run of the registration. After a short opening, we started in a welcoming kick-off meeting with good food, wine and the fabulous view of the boats in the harbor of course. Next to attendees who attend the event for the first time, we met many familiar faces from past events. It was nice to see that the first contacts were quickly made and the attendees debated about Magento themes until deep into the night.


Day 2: Official conference start

The first day of the conference presented a small challenge for us because of the WiFi which did not correctly work. But Syseleven solved this problem just in time for the BarCamp. Thank you! With a far less good internet connection, the attendees were able to focus entirely on the speaker’s presentations. It showed that the selected topics, such as “Magento mobile performance: the responsive myths” by Ray Bogman (SupportDesk b.v.) was very interesting for the audience and the attendees asked many questions.

After the sessions, it was time to say “Hola y Valldemossa Son Marroig!”. Our guide provided a lot of information about the tourist attractions. The breathtaking views of the peninsula Na Foradada made it clear why the Austrian Archduke Ludwig Salvator built his mansion “Son Marroig” at this place. Narrow streets, cute shops, colorful tiles (from the Saint Catalina) at the houses and the polish composer Chopin – who spent the winter of 1938 there – draw out the small mountain village of Valldemossa.

The day ended with the BarCamp. Now, the attendees could be active: everyone was able to introduce important topics to discuss with. The majority of attendees remained interestedly until the end of the event.

Day 3: Time for the hack-session

On the morning of the second official day of the conference, the developers could learn from further sessions about relevant Magento themes like “Full cycle BDD with Magento” by Marco de Bortoli (session-digital). The highlight of the day? Clearly: the hack-session. The participants suggested topics/issues and edited them together – the ideal opportunity to exchange tips and tricks. After that, we went for networking in the jazz bar Sarratoga – unfortunately, there was no live music played on this day.

Day 4: Magento Inc. and Judge testing

The last day authored a very good and partly entertaining presentation by Anton Kril (Magento Inc.) “3 pillars of Magento dependency injection: object composition, object lifetime, interception”. Anton answered many questions of the developers even after the conference. Thank you for this! Finally, Christoph Aßmann (Netresearch) presented our new test tool for Magento extensions “Judge”. Before everyone went home, there were last discussions and the chance to exchange business cards at a final snack break.

Our résumé: Developers Paradise is an event for the community by the community. Without our speakers and sponsors Amasty (thumbs up for the idea of the Magento planet game and Magentopoly), session-digital and AIJKO, the event would not be the same.

Following, you can find the speakers & presentations of the Developers Paradise 2013. If you click on the speaker names, there you can find the slides of the presentations for download.