Developers Paradise Winter Edition 2014

Developers Paradise: Snow, exchange and the future of the community
The seventh Developers Paradise is over and most of the attendees are back on their desks. It was a great time with much sun and networking. Snow was enough to go skiing or snowboarding and have fun on the slopes.

Joining the Developers Paradise is going to be a tradition for many Magento developers. So it was no surprise to see many well known faces such as Ray Bogman, Anton Makarenko, Anton Kril, Guido Jansen and Dima Soroka.


For those who were not able to join the event I’ve summarized the most important happenings:

Day one – Kick off and small talk

Saturday the 12th of January was the first official day of the Developers Paradise, although many attendees arrived earlier to enjoy the snow. We welcomed Magento enthusiasts from all over the world – the Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United States, Austria and Romania. After a welcoming drink the attendees continued their conversations.

Day two – The first sessions

A great day on the glacier was followed by Anton Kril from Magento as the first speaker. He opened the evening with the topic “Lot’s of different stuff about Magento 2.0” and spoke about code internals and concepts. He made clear, how important community developers are and encouraged them to join the work in progress on Magento 2.0 on Github. In his last slides he created the impression to answer the question: When will Magento 2.0 be released? His answer:

“M2 is coming pretty soon, but I will not tell you when”

Maksym Iaroshenko from Eltrino LLC was the second speaker who answered the question “Is there anything above and beyond frontend and adminhtml areas?” He presented a possibility of using Magento as a framework without touching neither the frontend nor the backend code.

Day two - The first sessionsAfter a short coffee break Sylvain Rayé from Diglin GmbH had his presentation about “Magento I varnish you (solutions to make Magento CE faster)”. His presentation was informative and funny at the same time because of his mascot Achmed.

Dr. Nikolai Krambrock from code4business Software GmbH finished the evening with “Individualized products and tier prices”. The solution was developed by his company for a Swiss Magento Enterprise store. He also introduced some other solutions such as MageWorx from our sponsor, Arthur Protsenko.

Day 3 – further sessions and special presentations

The evening started with Ray Bogman from SupportDesk B.V. who presented the truth of mobile SEO on his experiences with a quite unusual example – the biggest Dutch Magento condom store.

The next topic was presented by Christian Philipp from integer_net. He explained with an extreme example of his work why shopowner must not install Magento modules on their own and should ask experts for it. His client tried out approximately 5 different extensions for each service. Experts know that they have to pay attention because of rewrites and other stuff, he unfortunately not.


The last official speaker for this evening was Anton Makarenko from Magento Inc. Currently he is a senior developer and one of the architects at Magento 2.0. He gave first insights on layout improvements in Magento 2.0 platform. Their goal is to make working with layouts in Magento 2.0 well thought out and refined. They want to reach a simplified customization, easier upgrades and better quality of the code. For getting an overview of the layout, conceptual and systematic improvements in M2, Anton recommended the latest webinar: Magento 2 Development Update


Dima Soroka, the Vice President of Engineering for Magecore Inc., followed the wishes of the attendees and introduced the Oro platform and OroCRM. The new open source CRM (customer relationship management) is based on Symfony framework. The extension for connecting Magento and OroCRM has already been released two weeks ago. Everyone is called upon to check out OroCRM and to have a look at their openWiki.

SpecialsAlso no fix part of the program but very interesting: the presentation of Guido Jansen. He talked about the future of the Magento community and asked important questions according to the continuity of the Magento ecosystem.

As the final of the day we made a raffle. The prices were three Magento developer certification vouchers and some gifts of our sponsor, Arthur Protsenko from the Artefact Corporate Holding. He finished the day with a nice little presentation about himself and the secrets of giving:

“The more you give, the more will be given to you.

Give help and support.

Give your time and money.

Give your love.

Giving is a long-term investment with 1000%+ interest.”

He also showed the first and final attempt of producing a short movie to advertise MageWorx’ SEO extension. Funny stuff, but unfortunately not available in German Youtube.

Within our last words we thank all the speakers, attendees, Magento Inc. and of course our sponsor Artefact Corporate Holding (MageWorx) for this great event. It was a pleasure to meet you, we had a great time! See you soon at the next Developers Paradise or Meet Magento.

Following, you can find the speakers & presentations of the Developers Paradise 2014. If you click on the speaker names, there you can find the slides of the presentations for download.