Hi there! Have some questions about Developers Paradise?

You’re in the right place, cause answers – that’s what this page is all about! Ok, let’s roll!

When and where is Developers Paradise taking place?

April 25-28, 2016 in a beautiful city of Opatija, Croatia.

Who will be there?

Hopefully, you. And you’ll have a chance to meet around 150 people from a great, vibrant community that’s evolved around Magento. Most of the people attending will be our fellow developers (frontend and backend), and since we’re very welcoming, we won’t hold it against you if you’re a UI designer, SEO consultant, or even a CEO of a Magento Partner company.

What’s this conference about?

Well, it seems you haven’t been around Magento that long, have you? Developers Paradise is a community-driven conference prepared with the main goal of allowing all those hard working Magento developers around the world a place where they will enjoy what they truly love – lots of code. And fun. In the sun.

We know that everyone’s really excited about meeting their friends again, and for the first time it’s going to be in Croatia, which is something we’re really proud of. Main topic of the conference will be Magento 2 and all the speeches and workshops will revolve around this.

What are the prices, and are there any discounts, specials, early birds?

Unfortunately, you just missed the Early bird price that was available until the end of October 2015. But, don’t worry – you can still save some money if you don’t delay your decision any further!

Regular ticket price of 700 EUR is available until Friday, April 22nd at 14:00 CEST (GMT+2).

What’s included in the ticket price?

The amazing experience of Developers Paradise, which means – full access to all keynotes, sessions, workshops, parties and other fun activities (indoor and outdoor) we have planned for you. The ticket also gets you breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as frequent coffee breaks for the duration of the conference. More details here.

So, the accommodation is also taken care of?

Yes, every attendee will get their own spacious room at the venue for three nights (April 25 – 28) – that’s on us. If you would like to (or need to) arrive earlier or stay longer, make sure to let us know when you sign up and we’ll help you with the arrangements.

When the agenda begins and when it ends?

Official check in starts at 14:00 on April 25th. You will have free time for sightseeing and relaxing wellness activities (if you think of wellness as of activity!) until dinner at 19:00 which will be followed by opening & welcome party at 20:00.
Apart from the agenda, during the first day there will be a tourist guide at our delegates disposal, but also a hackathon for interested delegates (optional), starting at 10:00.
On the last day, on April 28th, there will be only 2 sessions. Closing plenary will be at 10:00 and check out until 11:00.

I do plan to arrive earlier and/or stay a bit longer, what do I need to know?

If your plans include dates outside the conference (April 25 – 28), we got you covered as well. The hotel gave us discounted prices for the dates around Developers Paradise. Half board (breakfast and dinner) accommodation is 70 EUR per day for a single room and 96 EUR for a double room.

Ok, sounds great – so, where do I get the tickets?

Simply click on our Tickets page and you’ll see all the options there – you can pay with credit card or via a bank transfer. We close on Friday, April 22nd 2016 at 14:00 CEST (GMT+2).

We’re a company, paying for several of our developers, and we need a VAT invoice – is this provided?

Of course, as you’ll see on the Buy Tickets page, we ask you for your company name and VAT number so we can prepare and send the commercial invoice once the payment is made, regardless of the payment option you’ll select.

Will there be daily passes to the conference available or is it all or nothing?

It’s all or nothing. There’s only one kind of a ticket, and that’s the one for the entire conference. You can opt to join us for just a day or two, but you’ll still need to get the regular ticket.

Can I get a ticket that will get me the access to just the parties and other fun stuff?

Unfortunately, no. Developers Paradise is a unique experience in the Magento world and we’re keeping it this way – no party crashers. And hey – the lectures and workshops ARE the fun stuff at DP. 🙂

I’m not a Magento developer, can I still sign up for the conference?

Of course you can. You can certainly learn a lot from the experts, and you’ll see that we’re all a very friendly bunch – so this would be a great place to get the latest insights into platform and network your brains out!

I’m a Magento Certified Developer / Solution Specialist, do I get a discount?

Good for you, and glad you asked – but no. Btw, where’s your Magento 2 badge?

I’m Ben Marks – did you just edit the core?

We wouldn’t dream of it, Ben – you know we’re the good guys. But hey, we’re counting on you to attend.

So where’s this Opatija and how do I get there?

Opatija, also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, is in the northern part of Croatian coast, also known as Kvarner, next to a larger city of Rijeka, which you will probably pass through on your way here.

More details can be found on our Location page – and you’re all familiar with using Google Maps to plan your trips, right? 🙂

Any tips for the trip?

There are sooo many options to get here, and you’ll probably look for one that suits you most.

If you’re flying in, check out the flights to Zagreb, Rijeka or Pula airports. Even Trieste (Italy) and Ljubljana (Slovenia) might be an option as all of these are fairly close to Opatija.

If you’re driving, simply use Google Maps or an alternative trip/route planning app before the trip and who doesn’t carry a GPS device in their cars today, right? Just type in the hotel address and you’re golden!

Trains, buses, bicycles, hitchhiking – these are also an option – basically, anything that will get you here works!

What if I decided to fly in?

We’ll presume you don’t own a plane and need an official airport data. 🙂 With that in mind, consider Rijeka-Krk airport (RJK) which is the airport closest to Opatija. It is rather small but it has some interesting connections to London, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Stockholm. If you want a schedule, let us know!

Other than that, there are other nearby airports with much more flights. You can use your preferred flight finder service for airports such as Zagreb (ZAG), Ljubljana (LJU), Trieste (TRS), Split (SPU), Pula (PUY) and Zadar (ZAD).

What after I land?

We know some of you are exploring taxi services, but local bus lines are very frequent, safe and cheaper option so we’d recommend those to begin with.

If you are flying in to Rijeka, there are buses available based on the flight schedules that will drive you directly to Opatija. The actual schedule is not live yet, but the tickets are app. 5 EUR one way. You will be able to get the tickets closer to your arrival date or right on the spot.

If you are flying in to Zagreb, there are several bus options, depending on when you arrive. You may catch a direct bus from the Zagreb Airport to Opatija, or take the bus from the airport to the Zagreb central bus station where there are frequent buses to Opatija available every day. Those tickets are app. 15 EUR one way.

If you have already booked your flights, let us know so we can help you choose the best option.

What about parking? Is it available at the hotel?

Parking is available on site and it costs 90 HRK (app. 12 EUR) per day. If you already know you are arriving by car, make sure to let us know so we can book your spot.

I have an awesome product/service that I’d like to present to all the Magento developers and companies that will attend, what sponsorship options do you have?

We have prepared several sponsorship packages available, and we already have some awesome sponsors signed up.  Visit our sponsors page and contact us for various options to become a sponsor of Developers Paradise 2016!