The country you’ll be visiting


According to some video from YouTube, apparently, we are a band. No, we’re not. Croatia is a country in South Eastern Europe, right next to Italy, Slovenia and Serbia (don’t worry, we are not trying to give you a geography lesson – we just want you to be informed).

Nevertheless, most people, when asked about Croatia, will answer something at least remotely connected to our coast.

Yes, it’s true, we are home of epic beaches, but we are also a home to pen, cravat (or a more popular  version of the name – necktie) and a home of Goran Ivanišević (former tennis star) and Luka Modrić (football player). See, there’s a lot of things going on in such a small country. We are also a home of first climatic seaside resort on Adriatic which will be the location of the conference you’ll be attending – Opatija, the Pearl of the Adriatic.

The town you’ll be in

Choosing the before mentioned Pearl to be the base of the conference we’re organising seemed like the only logical thing to do. If you need a reason, apart from the turquoise sea and marvellous landscape, let us give you a few:

  1. Opatija is situated in the Gulf of Kvarner, in the foothill of the Ucka Mountain;
  2. Opatija is surrounded by beautiful woods of bay laurel and has more than 2000 hours of sunshine a year;
  3. Opatija plays a vital role of being the leading tourist destination in Croatia when it comes to organization of conventions;
  4. Opatija is famous for the delicacies: from baby asparagus (delicious with omelettes!) to the Association of lovers of chocolate which has its base in the hotel where you’ll be staying;
  5. UNESCO officially recognised the popular bell ringing carnival procession of ”zvoncari” – listing it as a part of the intangible cultural heritage.

The hotel where you’ll be staying


The Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta (4 Opatija flowers) is located in the very centre of Opatija and includes four magnificent villas that were named after Opatija’s best-known flowers.

Camellia, Magnolia, Melia and Wisteria offer intimacy and comfort of a small boutique hotel, as well as all the advantages of large hotel chains.

This is the only hotel in Croatia that meets the special ‘Croatian autochtone cuisine’ standard, which is a guarantee that exclusively Croatian dishes are served here.

When it comes to accessorises, the hotel also includes the large Tamaris congress centre, which has 7 multifunctional halls and the latest congress equipment. That means we are not only set for cuisine, but also all set for work.

Need more data?

Check the hotel page here or contact them for any inquiries.


How to reach us?

Now that you know that we wanted to host the conference which will not only gather diverse community of experts, but will also be attractive due to the location and reachability, you might wonder – how to get there?

Apart from being all smart and logical and using GPS (yes, we believe you can handle it), here are some main informations (read: distances) which you might find useful along the way.


about 480 km distance from Munich, Vienna or Milan.

Railway stations:

Opatija-Matulji (5 km) and Rijeka (12 km)


Rijeka (44 km), Pula (75 km), Zagreb (200 km), Ljubljana (135 km), Venice (208 km).