Anton Kril

Lead architect Magento

Anton had been in the development since 2003. Worked as an architect on multiple enterprise web-application development projects. Joined the Magento Team in 2011, first working in the Core Technology and now contributing a lot to the Magento 2 project.


Developers Paradise Summer Edition 2016
  • 17:15 — April 26, 2016 , Main Track

    Breakout session

    Magento 2 Enterprise Edition

    Magento 2 Enterprise edition provides list of features that improve merchant experience, customer experience, and scalability of application. We will walk through these features and review their value for all Magento 2 users.

Developers Paradise Winter Edition 2014
  • 19:30 — January 13, 2014 , Meeting room

    Lot’s of different stuff about Magento 2

Developers Paradise Summer Edition 2013
  • September 17, 2013

    Open discussion

    3 pillars of Magento Dependency Injection: Object Composition, Object Lifetime, Interception