Jisse Reitsma

Founder Yireo

Jisse is founder of Yireo, a small Dutch internet company that releases extensions for both Joomla and Magento. Jisse wrote his first Magento extension in 2008, created a bridge between Joomla and Magento named MageBridge and is currently maintaining over 50 Magento extensions, trying to convert them all at this moment to Magento 2. He’s also author (wrote 2 Joomla development books), trainer (Magento development, performance) and so now and then a plain idiot on a bicycle, challenging mountains without any experience.


Developers Paradise Summer Edition 2016
  • 12:30 — April 27, 2016 , Main Track

    Breakout session

    Running Magento 2

    An overview of handy tools to have in your environment for running Magento, like n98-magerun, composer and modman. But also an overview of how to implement composer with your own packages and how to write your own n98-magerun add-ons. Rather than a static talk, this is meant to be an interactive talk with lots of tips from the public as well.