Joni Kautto

eCommerce Technology & Visibility, Partner Arvo Partners Oy

Senior eCommerce Consultant from Finland living in Spain. Working on Online Marketing for 20 years from which past 10 years having main focus on eCommerce. Joni and Arvo Partners work mainly with Scandinavian companies building and growing their eCommerce businesses from the bottom up. Joni has worked with Magento since 2008 and is specialized in Search Engine Optimization, Marketing and Advertising solutions done with and for Magento.


Developers Paradise Summer Edition 2016
  • 11:45 — April 26, 2016 , Main Track

    Breakout session

    Magento 2 - SEO techniques and strategies

    SEO has changed dramatically past years and focus has moved more and more from technical and tactical SEO to content and user experience focused SEO. We'll be looking at the out of the box SEO features offered by Magento 2, their advantages and pitfalls in this new SEO landscape. Comparing alternative and additional solutions and real world test cases using them.