Nils Preuß

Magento Backend Developer Polo Motorrad

Starting with Magento in late 2009 and doing mostly backend and interface stuff from then on. He is “making it work” and appreciates if there is somebody else who is “making it look fancy”. In 2012 he made the move and started supporting magento inhouse at different merchants with planning, building and maintaining their Magento System.
Right now he is investigating the new possibilities that come with Magento 2 because the e-commerce systems may change and evolve but the general problem will be the same for most of the merchants: how to sell their goods and how to adapt to the fast pace of online shopping changes .


Developers Paradise Summer Edition 2016
  • 16:30 — April 26, 2016 , Main Track

    Breakout session

    State of import in Magento 2

    It is a crucial problem for nearly every store how to get the products from some ERP system into the Shop. We will try to look on what possible solutions there are for importing, mainly product information, into Magento 2 and what has changed form M1 to M2.